Wiring Diagram or Pics


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I had pull my engine back in December of last year. Unfortunately I didn't tag the power and ground wires. I did take some photos, but they are were left on my work laptop and I have since changed jobs. I beleive there are like 3 splices coming off the harness by the fire wall. I just need to know where these guys go. I wasn't thinking at the time and I didn't tag them. If anyone has any wiring diagrams or pictures could you please post them or email them to me at
Found this in the search. Hope it helps. :biggrin:

Credit goes to: MCASteel2112

Engine Grounds
There are four ring type terminals at the elbow of the main wiring harness, two of which attach to the rear of the pass side cylinder head and two that attach to one of the bellhousing bolts.

Ring terminal with 2black/white 16 ga wires (short length)- A/C head pressure switch (gray), MAF, EGR (EVRV) Fuel pump relay, Coolent fan delay relay, ECM large connector C&D ground---NOTE: all spices are within 4 inches of ring terminal.

Ring terminal with 2 black/white 16 ga wires (long)- ECM large connect aux ground, ESC module ground---NOTE: all spices are within 12 inches from the large ground grommet going into pass side firewall below heater box.

Ring terminal with single black 12 ga (short)- A/C high pressure limit switch ( round sealed connector at compressor) --- NOTE: the splice connecting these wires is located about 18 inches from coolant fan connector.

Ring terminal with one black/white wire and one tan 16 ga (long length) ECM small connector- A&B ground. ECM large connector C&D- O2 sensor reference ground and there are NO splices on these connections; All are direct.