Wiring Lesson learned


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Dec 26, 2013
Hey guys,

I wanted to share my experience installing HA electronics and top end on my 82 sport coupe. I couldn't get the car to run for a llooonnggg time. It would crank, i had spark, and fuel pressure but i couldnt get an injector pulse. Life got busy so it just sat there in my drive way begging me to get it running but I had put a substantial amount of time into chasing wires, checking keyed vlotage and ohming with no luck. I could not figure out where I went wrong. Everything pointed at a bad ecm and after I swapped 4 known good ones I eliminated that as the issue.
I didn't have the factory fuse panel or connector and the guy I bought the parts from cut and labeled the wires that would have come from the fuse panel.
Well a year and a half later I was laying in bed racking my brain why it wouldn't start and poof I had a epiphany. Some circuits go dead while cranking to preserve juice!!!! So I checked all the circuits I spliced and found the electric choke circuit goes dead while cranking.....makes sense in hind sight. Need to keep the flap closed until you get the car running right!!!
It was well worth the wait and I'm glad I didn't give up and throw the carb turbo back on when I got frustrated. Before this "little" project I always avoided any electronics but it definately wideded my ability and I learned a ton about turbo buicks in the process. So this is for the guy that is about to throw in the towel keep at it and ask lots of questions this forum is a great place to learn.
Great catch!

It's easy to "over think" when it comes to electronics, especially when life gets busy and the only time you have is spent thinking about it. I know all too well. ;)