Wiring Pressure Switch?


Aug 7, 2003
I'm trying to wire my NOS Hobbs switch for the DIY alky system using the online instructions. The switch has two terminals, and the instructions are telling me that one terminal goes to the relay and the other goes to a ground. It seems to me that one terminal should have 12volts in and the other should have 12volts out. Anyone?
Your triggering the relay with the hobbs. Relay needs +12 and a ground applied to its coil for it to "click". Doesnt matter if you apply +12 or apply a ground. As long as the coil gets energized..it will transfer power to the pump. So a +12 on terminal 85 and have the hobbs apply the ground to terminal 86.. or ground on terminal 85 and have the hobbs apply 12v to terminal 86. same result.

What can I say?