wont start [no spark] HELP


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Jun 11, 2001
Ok the motors in after the rebuild i could not get this car to start today i found a bad starter now it turns over fast but i am getting a no start problem. I am getting gas i can smell it from the open down pipe. I pulled the #1 plug wire and put a screw driver in it and tryed to get a spark but iam getting nothing. Does any one know what wires go where , there are three ; three wire conectors and one four wire con. One to the injectors, one to the cam sensor and one to the crank sensor i might have them mixed up but i dont know were they go now.

please help iam going crazy, this car is driving me to drink to much
thanks guys:)

The injector harness has 2 plug ins - a 4 wire connector and a 3 wire connector. These come out of your engine wiring harness - mine were squeezed together commin outta the harness loom. Plug those babies into the injector harness plugs.

The cam sensor has a 3 wire connector...they are blue / red / black wires and plugs into the CCCI (ignition) module harness connector. The crank sensor also has a 3 wire connector that also plugs into the CCCI wiring harness going to the ignition module / coil.

I drew ya a lil diagram. Try doing the spark test with a plug in the plug wire instead and grounded to the frame / brake fluid reservoir etc.

How's your crank sensor ? Got it lined up with the correct groove on the balancer interruptor ring ? (Outer ring - furthest away from the wires and gapped at .025)

Good luck with it.


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By the way...glad to see you rebuilt the motor as opposed to burying it in the back yard - a fresh start is nice!
Have you checked the ign fuse? If you're getting fuel into the cylinders you can pretty much rule out a faulty crank or cam sensor. The cam sensor could be off but it would stiil get a spark most likely.
Thanks guy this is alot of help to me ,I didn't go to work today so i am going to check the car some more and let you know.

thanks again, kevin
Ok guys i checked thewire con and they are all right , i checked the gap to the crank sensor and its good to, all the fuse in the fuse box are good. I tryed to check the spark a few ways and nothing at the plugs or the towers on the coil. the cam sensor is set with my tool. Most of my grounds are on the alt braket. The motor turns over great but no spark . Is there any thing else i can try.

thanks guys
tach wire grounded out?

happened to me once on my plymouth.doh! :eek:
Ok i am trying to keep posted on this probl i found that i did not have the crank sensor on right it moved on me , so i fixed it but i gaped it at 0.20 to big i guess and still no start . be back gotta go look some more.
Ok i set the crank sesor at .025 and nothing, still no spark from the plugs or the coil. It ran good when i pulled the motor but it started to mis when the motor got hot. I tested a pink and black wire that go's to alot of things i have power at the ecm, ingnition module , wastegate solenoid , and some thing that i think is the spark control module if its on the pass side over the wheel on the wall.

it could be that i drink to much beer when i work on the car.
I don't know the specifics but BFH tells everyone something like this about the crank sensor:

make sure it's between the right grooves. There are 3, and I think most people put it between the wrong 2. I think one's metal and one's not. Can't really remember. If you've done this, well, rule that out :) If not, do a search and you'll definitely find it, BFH says it about every 2nd day ;)

Good luck with your car crazygn.

To get fuel both the cam and crank sensors have to be working and you said you have fuel.
first thing on top of my frustrated head is ...did you paint all the brackets while they were off?

the module body has to ground thru the bracket and in turn the bracket has to ground to the motor.

also check for the problem i had ...the loop behind the cap of the power steering pum its metal and wraps around the harness make sure the metal loop hasent grounded out no wires.

other than that i'll have to think about it.but i'll have to do that later im gonna go visit my car in the garage for alil while.
BTW. the i/c motor is lookin kinda meen in my car all clean and fresh.
I'm going with crank sensor.

I pulled my motor apart and put most of it back together - less the short block that the shop did. I put the crank sensor in the wrong groove - no spark. BE CAREFUL...it's very easy to bust the lil plastic tab on the outside of the sensor...by sliding it (tryin to position it correctly) and catching it on the metal interruptor ring. Cost me a new sensor.

Try a new crank sensor - your orig. sensor might just have gone tits up. Take your time and put her in proper. Make sure you have a fresh ground on the ign module / coil like RED said. It's doubtful that it will be anything else causing your problem by the sounds of it at this point.

Trust me - I've been there - and for a long time too.
Think simple and you'll be runnin in no time.
I fixed the crank sensor and put it in the right spot and gaped it at .025 but still nothing. No buddy i didn't paint the motor or any thing . I dont get it every thing worked great before i pulled the motor. I'll erite back in a little after i check some wires and some grounds .

thanks guys for helping
I have checked every thing, i tryed to ground the motor and the coil better and checked the crank sensor still nothing i dont get it. getting gas just no spark

I pulled the cam sensor to make sure its turning and it is , i am running out of things to do . I forgot i jumped the ALDL and got code 12 and 23 what is the 23 and could this be making it not get spark.
when i put my motor in my 84 i had a problem like that, I had a broken wire going from the module to crank or cam sensor dont remember which, but it was broke inside the insulation. make sure they all are good. also had a bad crank sensor, brand new delco.
Again, to get fuel both cam and crank sensors have to be working. I would start looking at wiring or the module.