Worth While Mod?


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Guys, just getting to know my new Sy and tackling my first project on it. A combination of cleaning the heck out of the engine compartment and tackling the only major mechanical issue I can find which is the dreaded start-up smoking habit these trucks seem to be known for. These things are a PITA, It has fought me bolt, bracket, and hose clamp every step of the way. It seems like every thing is backwards. I mean every bolt either faces the intake or is on the back side of where it should be for easy access. I thought some of the things on the Buick were tough to get to, but nooo. Anyway, I digress, for out of the highest efforts come the biggest rewards. Or some other bs like that to say that it is worth the effort. I did find out that it already has a Racetronics hot wire kit on it which is a plus, still don't know what fp I have yet, but other than that and a hi-po coil the truck seems remarkably stock and presumably original. Goal for this truck is not a max effort performer but I wouldn't mind a mild boost ;) over stock. Anyway, brings me to my question. The stock I/c hard lines. Keep 'em or do the heater hose mod? Is it a worth while mod? Do you really gain anything by doing it? Cooler I/c temps? Easier maintenance?

Down sides? Non-original which only a purist would notice? More hose to leak? Just not really worth it?
Also, is the mod to run the I/c pump all the time really needed, or just let the computer run it?

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You just made me laugh (but nooo). I usually walk in the shop and take a knife and just cut my hand because you will be bleeding before it is over. To answer your question.

Intercooler line/hose change will make it easier to work on however it is hard to get the air out of the system with the lines going around the back of the intake.

Running the pump all of the time is a tough one. The under hood temps are so high on these things that it is not funny and after driving it into town the upper radiator will be hot/warm to the touch. Your call on that one.

Do you have a scan master and looked at your air inlet temps after a ride? In addition if you don't have a chip yet I would recommend buying a Turbo Tweak 60 lb chip combo. That is one of the best upgrades for these trucks unless you are going to change to a stand alone system. Eric has done a real good job on the idle and all round drive ability with his Syclone/Typhoon line of products.

Good luck with the project, be patient as the truck can be fun when every thing is working like it should.