WTB 16x8 /16x10 ARE wheels


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Oct 10, 2012
Like the title says, I need two wheels but am willing to buy four if price is right.

Prefer wheels only but will consider ones with tires mounted in a package deal.

I'm looking for this style wheel;
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I have four front GTA style with tires. MT have about 300 miles on them. Won't let me upload file.
I don't really know what they are worth. Any idea? The MT's I bought new and there's less then 300 miles on them and they've never been smoked. The front tires I don't care about, you can have those. I wish I could upload a picture. Any reason why the site won't let you upload a jpeg?
We are the company that had them made years ago 15 by 7 and 16 by 8. We did a handful of 16 by 10s. My source ran the chrome shop division for ARE in the 1980s and 1990s. He was bale to buy the mold and I worked out the proper offsets using our 1987 GN back around 1989.

They look similar to the GNX and GTA wheels the main difference being the ARE took a smaller center cap and the mesh area was smooth looking.

Enkei made a very similar wheel so similar its hard to tell the difference. ARE never marketed the wheel in the offset we offered probably because of fit issues. Meaning they can rub the front plastic inner fenders on hard turns and 1986 and older ones sat lower in the front which can cause rub issues unless you upgrade the front springs.

Course now a wide variety of wheels are available...

Just a little background info...


the ARE ones also referred to as the Kirban style still hold good value today if you can find them. The 15 by 7s not so much.