WTB 60# injectors, TT 5.7 Street chip


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Jul 7, 2014
I'd be searching for this stuff in the "Parts For Sale" section but searching that is an exercise in frustration. All I end up doing is searching through pages and pages of search results only to find "sold", "sold", "sold".

It's spring and time to throw some money (away) at the GN after getting a nice tax refund.

I'm looking for flow-matched 60# injectors and a matching TT 5.7 Street chip, for 93 - 94 octane gas. I'm running a 3.5" LS1 MAF and AXiS interface, if that matters. I can buy a new set of genuine Siemens flow-matched injectors for about $250 USD on eBay, but everyone's looking to save a few bucks so used low-mile parts that someone has lying around after upgrading to other injectors & chip are fine with me.

Other small stuff I'm looking for, if a package deal can be arranged to save on shipping costs, are a decent, unstretched TV cable, RJC or similar manual boost controller, upgraded plug wires and possibly more. Send me a message. Thanks!
Nobody has a set of 60# flow-matched injectors and possibly a matching 93-94 octane TT chip? I can buy new online but thought I might help someone out who has them lying around and turn them into some $$$.
Thank you guys, I'll go with the one offered by spross86, I'm not running alky injection (yet). That will be a project for next summer, I think. This year it's injectors & chip and probably a 3" downpipe.