WTB direct scan


DS doesnt come with laptop
you have a laptop thats nice, hope it has windows 95 or 98 on it

youll need the whole thing there is more than just some cables ,theres a box betwen the cables that makes it all possible

the software and instruct manual is available online
if you want to know more as well as what youll need to do to prepare your ecm for DS
the only reason i said the whole deal about the laptop is cause most guys are selling the DS with a laptop, an di don't wanna have to pay more for something i have.

Thanks for all the info and links to info, i think i need to do some more research, i know i need to mod the ecu case, but i thought it was just a cable that went from the serial port to the ds port on the ecu.
you have a laptop so while your waiting around for a DS to turn up go to kents site and download the software and the intsruct manual and read it

you can also go to this site
and download some DS files to look at on your pc ,

all this can be done for free and youll be able to see how it works realtime and get used to it

DS is great
direct scan

i have a direct scan complete with cable and booklet. you can get the latest software off of their website. $200 shipped let me know. thanks, jeremy :)