WTT New Wheels and tires for..


May 8, 2016
I have a set of aluminum 5 star black Vision Wheels with new tires for trade. Fronts are 15X4 and Rear are 15X8. Tires are 165/80 front and 275/60 rear. Less than 300 miles on all. Comes with the following.
4 center caps
20 Black anodized lugnets
2 spacers 1/4" for rear
4 GN wheels
2 has almost new tires
1 has a small bend at the lip but does not leak aire
All 4 GN wheels are ruff drivers...
4 New in the plastic GN center caps
20 new GN correct chrome lugnuts new with the proper metric stamping on the end

It looks a bit off in the side pic and that is because it just got front springs and did not have the air dam on it.

You get it all for a stock set of T Type wheels or the GNX looking wheels. The need to have good tires on them with center caps.

Everything is located in Midland GA 31820 and you must come to me or cover the shipping.