XFI and Caspers Adapter Module Mounting


Mar 13, 2002
Anyone have any sleek, or rather... stealth ways to hide this system in a clean stock appearing fashion? I am looking to finish putting my car together in the next 2-3 weeks, and I was having issues deciding where to mount both units, as well as how to get the Wideband O2 harness outside without cutting a new hole in the firewall.

Any input is greatly appreciated.
This is how I mounted mine. Casper adapter harness is directly behind the xfi box.


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You really want to be able to see the lights on the XFI box.

Billy T.

why...should only be needed for diagnostic purposes if it runs good why look at it
that would drive me insane esp all the constant blinking at night...:cool:
i can barely stand the constant grren light on my knock sensor
electrical tape covers half the gauge turning the green light into a "backlight" for the gauge
do what ya want but i bet it gets old...:biggrin:
I mount them like this. You have to extend the ground wires a few inches. But it makes it easier to plug the factory harness in. I drill a hole by the in the pass floor board, left of the body seam, right under the heater box for the O2 harness. I use a grommet with a 3/8's ID. I write down the wire color/pin assignments. Then I remove the wires from the connector to run the harness through the grommet and reinstall the connector body. No need to drill a bigass hole.



This is how I mounted mine. Casper adapter harness is directly behind the xfi box.
Dude, I don't feel like suck an ******* now. That is exactly how I mounted mine last year. A very respected forum founder got in my car aND SAID, " you relly cut it up, didn't you". I think it looks trick!!!!
I just bought another cover off of one of the board members and used it to cut on. I still have my stock cover and it is like new.;)
Thanks for the ideas guys! I was honestly thinking of removing the inside portion of the glove box, and making a bracket to mount and installing inside the glove box. It would be easy to access for diagnostics, and also be hidden well enough that people would not know it's there.
damn i wish i thought of that that sounds even better than under the pass seat(thats where my xfi is)
Here's how I mounted mine:Module is under the carpet as high up as possible using Casper's extension harness.


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