XM Radio Installaion **PHOTO**


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Nov 5, 2002
Considering how much I enjoy XM Radio, I had to get it for work. Whatdya think?

are you just running it into the lighter for power? What are you doing for a connection to speakers?
That one looks like the "XM ROADY" and uses a cassette adapter to plug in the original radio. You can also get FM modulated ones for a more permanent install. Mine plugs into the aux. input in my aftermarket reciever.

I have XM in my car, at work, and at my dads gas station now and I absolutely love it. Those of you who like many different kinds of music should try it out. It's now 100% commercial free on the music channels.

I had to post just to express my love for it......

I just suscribed today for a 2 year @ $199.
GM gave us free 3 months when we got my wifes new car.
Needless to say we were both hooked! I had to sign up.
I never listen to regular radio anymore. My truck does not have it yet..........

The GN I just listen to the beautiful sound of the car.:D
Originally posted by CopGn
are you just running it into the lighter for power? What are you doing for a connection to speakers?
Yup, cigarette lighter for power and the Impala has a casette player. So I use the casette adapter to input the signal into the radio that way.

That's the Roady and works very well. I too was hooked on XM and listen to it almost exclusively. That thing is my savior on Sunday mornings.

My '03 Silverado has XM built in the Delco system and I was immediately impressed with the preview. Enrolled as a subscriber and was hooked. When I listen to XM music channels and immediately switch back to FM it makes FM music sound like AM, it's that good. Now I have it in my pickup, patrol car and a SkyFI hooked to my Bose system at home.
XM is awesome on trips.

Squizz, EthelXL and Bone Yard are my favorites (though I'm trying to get into Bluegrass).;)
I'm just surprised that noone has PHOTO SHOPPED that circle into a DOUGHNUT:D ;) ;) :rolleyes:
Looks good, glad to see the satellite radio is catching on.

I've got Sirius myself and can't stand driving a car without it (unless it's the GN or stang of course) now. I picked it up last year when the guy was offering free units to everyone. That post got deleted right away though (he was breaking the rules) so I don't know how many others got in on it. For $12 a month I'd never be without it. Just sounds so good, so many choices, and I don't have to keep trying to find a decent station everytime I drive for more than 45 minutes.

Originally posted by INEEDAGN

It's now 100% commercial free on the music channels.

Just wait till they force the free stations off the airwaves.It will take quite a few years but it will happen.
It's big business moving in :mad:

I don't like digital sound myself.On music it's hard edged and compressed compared to tubes and vinyl.

It's good for home theator stuff though.
This is neat, I was looking at his websites and pics, movies, etc, and clicked to his main sight where it comes up page cannot be displayed, then these cartoon characters pop-up and put on a show about the website being down. I thought it was pretty neat. Be sure to have your volume on.

That cartoon had me in tears!

The timing is impeccable as I experienced that very thing last night. Right in the middle of working on a site, it just disappeared...POOF! Server Cannot Be Found

Until I find out what's really going on, I'll assume someone shoved some Swiss Rolls in the drive. :p
Originally posted by Bens87tr
Does it have that funky antenna on top of the car??
My pickup with the factory XM has the funky rubber/flat antennae up there between the clearance lights, but it's offset by the OnStar antennae on the opposite side. So at least it's uniform.

The antennea on my patrol car is about the size of 1/2 dollar and is a magnetic mount. I cut out a section of a soup can lid to match the antennae and stuck the cut-out on top of my dash strobe. So it sits securely to the dash strobe in my windshield, out of the elements and works just fine plus it affords ease of removal. The guys I share my car with have their 10 favorites preset on banks B & C, now they're hooked!