XS Power Headers??


Oct 21, 2012
Hi, anyone ever heard of or tried these cheap headers?
gn headers.jpg
Chinese junk I'm sure.

Save your money, look for a better set from a reputable vendor.
321 stainless not fun to work with!
Would be good to look at a set up close and do a trial fit.
Could be a nice product, but at <$300, it certainly would be a Xi chong product.
Just a reminder, with that type of header, Kenne-bell, ATR, GN1 or Wan-ty, a unique style downpipe will be needed to clear the area where the pipes run side by side.
The GN1 downpipes “for use with aftermarket headers” work, but may hit on cars that are lowered.
Gbodyparts sells an ATR replica downpipe, but it seems fitment is always a question that come up.
Kenne- bell and ATR downpipes come up for sale, but rarely.
In the Ford 2.3T world, we had a bunch of people that ran these cheapies looking to save a buck. They were sold by SSAutochrome(not sure if they're still around). Well, once they got some miles on them with the weight of the turbo and so many heat cycles, they started cracking at and around the welds. Cheaping out is just not worth the hassle IMO.
The T/A race headers are IMHO a better deal than the street replacements header, which is still quantum leaps above the stock Buick units.
Race headers don't have as much exhaust backflow into #6 cylinder (upsets fueling balance) and their longer primary tubes enhance low end torque, throttle response, and raise convertor stall. Not to mention that the V band clamps eliminate crossover leaks. All good things!
Boost raises the N/A horsepower by a factor of boost. If you make more HP/torque N/A, you will compound that difference with the boost added.
If you can make the same HP with less boost, the result is lower backpressure due to the fact that the exhaust backpressure is always higher than the boost, sometimes by two or three times!
Adding headers to a N/A engines only drops the exhaust pressure by a few lbs. but the HP gain is noticable!
Any turbo spools up to a lower boost quicker than a higher boost. So, if you make the same HP with lower boost, your transitory torque is also raised.
As wonderful as the T/A race headers are, they, as all other headers that I have seen, can be improved by porting and smoothing where the tubes come together and at all of the flanges/welds.
The gains vary with boost, production inaccuracies, and different lots of tubing.
My T/A race headers gained around 8% on my flowbench with a few hours of work.
Your results may vary, but it's my car, my time, and I think it's all worth it.
Back to that old adage: if you can't make 25 HP in one place, make 5 HP in 5 places.
Or Mr. Spool's favorite: "There's a lot of 11 second cars running around with 9 second parts."
A lot of that is tuning, and the rest of it is attention to detail. My favorite....