Yet another frustration!


Hi All,

I'M ABOUT TO BLOW! :mad: I just got my new "Weber" cam gear installed, and got the front of the engine back together for the 3rd time. Now it won't start! It's not like I don't have any experience with this da^ned thing - the first couple of times redoing the front cover, it started right up. Now it cranks 3 or 4 times and tries to start (rrr, rrr, rrr, rumm, rrr, rrr, rrr, rumm). I have fuel pressure, cam sensor set right, etc. Could I be a tooth off on the cam sprocket? It was really hard to see, as I only have about 8" from the cam gear to the radiator on this thing... I REALLY don't want to go into this thing again.

Bummer! I wouldn't think a tooth off would keep it from starting, or at most it should be popping or something.

Does it show spark at the plugs? Checked the fuses?
One tooth wouldn't keep it from starting and running. Go through the basics no matter how mundane. double check everything (gas in the tank, orange wire by the battery, running Max Effort? check thumbwheel position, crank sensor, coil pack...) get a good charge in the battry as well. You never know, maybe something else coincidentally went bad when you changed the timing chain.
Russ, what was the end conclusion concerning the cam gear problem you had? In other words, did you find out exactly what the cause was? Did you ever work out anything with Dave & what did he say?

I'd like to hear any ideas you have about the above. Thanks
Are you guys sure one tooth wont hurt anything? I think it'd bend the valves......we are talking just off TDC here......if the piston is up, but the valve isnt closed, he's ****ed.
valve clearanc

yes, it IS close. I know of someone just recently that had the cam/crank gears off and he's now re-doing his heads. it busted and bent a few valves here and there. be CAREFUL !

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I don't think the valve to piston clearance is that tight on the 3.8. I could be wrong...

I *know* its a valve bender. What I am not sure of is, is one tooth enuf to bend a valve. In most cars that are interference, the answer is YES.
I haven't really had a chance to mess with it, we're working 12 hour days, 7 days a week (that 04:00 alarm clock is a b*tch! :eek: ). I did change a few things - new MSD50's and a new PTE chip. Also I noticed the cover on my cam sensor has a small crack (epoxied it up from the inside), but it still shows good voltage numbers when probed. I have a JayC chip I can try later.

Joey - I sent my cam (drive) gear to Dave for inspection and he sent me a new gear. Mine was built from a factory gear (gray in color) and that was the first factory gear he had come back with wear. The ones he had made up were the problematic ones (black in color). Most likely my wear was caused by prolonged idling (limited splash oiling) and the HV front cover (poor quality and heavier loading). I've since bought a stock GM cover, checked my sensor for end-play and backlash (OK), and did the oiling mod he suggested (slot or drill the big spacer so oil can get from the small hole in the cam nose through the keyway to the drive gear. I also ground a slot in the eccentric spacer so oil could weep out the slot to the gear). And I moly lubed it all up, too. If I can get it started, I'll let you know how it works out.