zddplus or zddpmaxx ??


Jul 15, 2001
whats everyone buying and how did you decide to pick that one? any difference between the products? i'm sticking with zddplus til i see any reason to try zddpmaxx:) thanks
I finally found a local supply of Amsoil & the price is less than Syntec which still needs zddp added.
I do know that the guy that is now selling the Max use to sell the ZDDPlus on eBay. Also heard that is not the same formula, so I wonder what it is???
I did alot of research into zddp additives, several different types, some have to much while others have less than 5% and alot of regular oil mixed in. Some of which is already in the oils, and then there are the ones who think they are getting it in the oils which in not to proper amounts.
Any zddp for our cars are better than none, but I personally like to know what I am putting into the car specifically and want the proper amounts.
I now sell the zddplus due to it being accurately advertised ( it was even tested independantly to verify ) and it is the proper amount for which our cars need. A simple solution that works.
I am not saying it is the only solution but you do get exactely what is needed and it comes from a gentleman who is sponsoring alot of racing, at the GS Nationals, turbobuick.com event and FAST racing.
A buick vendor shall we say, so why not suport that to boot while getting a great product.

none of the above, diesel oil :) dont ask just do

Hello people; I use to add Mystery oil to my 69 Olds in the oil and gas and have also to a few oil changes on my Buick but who knows if it had any effect. But I do believe Mobil 1 does have an effect. I've not used it in my TB but I do in my DD and I believe it's why it's still runnun good. 220,000 miles and it showed needing 1/2 qt. after 5000 miles. I think that's pretty good.
Yeah well Diesel oils got hit to! Stock spring and stock cam grinds may be ok. Step up either and wipe lobe time. Why even flirt with wiping a lobe...im just saying

If you read SM on the back of the oil the ZDDP cant be of but so much concentration..period
This is what I like to use.
Copy of Max Life

This is what I like to use.
Copy of Max Life


hello people: I just went to the Valvoline site and that oil optimizes HP but I don't get what makes it not street legal? You do put it in your street car or is it a race only car? I wonder what they mean? Probably they put (race) in there advertising to add to the price.