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  1. drturbo69
    drturbo69 turbotrix2004
    ATR bar not HOTCHKIS $ 100 SHIPPED TO 29611 ?
  2. Hahny
    Hahny bison
    Hey Bison, I'm in the market for a new turbo and I'm thinking about getting either a TE 44 or PTE 5831 and would like for you to give me a price on both as well as your thoughts on the two. Thanks.
  3. nickygn23
    nickygn23 dmcguire
    Hello. I interested in a few of the parts.
    I saw a cigarette lighter on the shelve ,also the coil and module,cam sensor and if you have a antenna. Please give me some prices. I'm located in Staten Island NY 10312.
  4. Hahny
    Hahny earlbrown
    Hi Earl, I was wanting to know how much you charge for your blueprinted GM timing covers?
  5. Chad Hocking
    Chad Hocking bigballsbilly
    Is your 2.5" test pipe w/QTP cutout w/wiring still for sale? Model #? How long is it end to end including 4 bolt flange? How much including shipping to California?
  6. true85HA
    true85HA Boxcars
    What is the suspension setup on your car?
  7. S.Hitt
    Newish Member
  8. mxdoc29
    mxdoc29 cbszr1
    has a posi unit ever been put in the car.
    1. cbszr1
      I do not think so.
      Feb 11, 2018
  9. thomas cory
    thomas cory
    Computer Controlled Coil Ignition (CCCI) from Casper’s
  10. thomas cory
    thomas cory VenomGT
    Thanks ! I appreciate all your information!
  11. true85HA
    true85HA getdowngranny
    What size wheels and tires are you running ?
  12. Chuck Leeper
    Chuck Leeper SGRIM
  13. thomas cory
    thomas cory VenomGT
    So where does the “ 2 Step “ connect too ???
    1. VenomGT
      Orange wire to a ground or power switch (depending on how you set your dip switches) and the gray you can leave disconnected and set the 2 step rpm from inside the box just to make it easy.
      Feb 10, 2018
  14. Sixxpack2go
    Used Member
  15. thomas cory
    thomas cory VenomGT
    Hey Emilio,
    Just installing the TR6 module, I know you have one as well. What does the orange and gray wire do ???? I basically took out the stock coil pack and installing this.
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    2. VenomGT
      The orange is the trigger for the 2 step the gray can be used with a potentiometer to change the RPM from inside the car without having to open the TR6 itself.
      Feb 9, 2018
  16. Rgoode76
    109 block 62/66
  17. lfelix18
    1987 Ttype with red Armstrong chip please help with information on it ?
  18. joegngs
    joegngs nick19
    Ok nick. Thanks
  19. Chuck Leeper
    Chuck Leeper SGRIM
    Shane, something going on w/ my acct.
    1. I get a PM from a fake, new member, and forward it to you. Now, there's no record in my PM list. Playboy.
    2. I am not able to view the political forum. Where is it?
    3. STILL having to refresh the page, to get a post to upload.

    What's going on?

  20. Chuck Leeper
    Chuck Leeper SGRIM
    Just looked their profiles.. Same punk> Playboy. Today at 1:23 AM Today at 12:49 AM