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    Is CK Performance still around?

    I feel if my back yard buddy can build a better 200 something is up ..I got my last trans built in Ohio buy u know who
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    Is CK Performance still around?

    Can’t remember the track but remember your rosewood t catching afire or smokin on top end u got out of that car fast … many moons ago
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    Is CK Performance still around?

    In my younger days bought a ck converter heard a rattle before I installed it … called .. it’s fine they all do that … installed it lasted 5 min great product
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    Serious Alky pump issues!

    When the bug bites me agin to go fast ima get a new pump. Mine is 13-15 yrs old lol . I Deff got the good out of it
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    F/S:ATR Downpipe/wastegate(New)

    I’ve got a 3 inch ss tta Terry huston dp 2,300 plus shipping if u want one so bad
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    For Sale: ATR Downpipe

    U pay for the used space on this site ???
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    fuel pump not getting power

    A power probe could be your friend
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    BBQ grill

    I know u said propane but I love the taste off my big green egg . And I can smoke with it also
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    How hard is it to add posi?

    I think mine stayed peg leg 1 week.. Put ta cover on mine
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    Best car photos.......(photogenic)

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    How hard is it to add posi?

    Yes stock non posi cover will work. I went with eaton
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    ENGINE BAY PICS: Jaw Droppers

    Not a jaw droppers but here they are 87 gn and #1397 tta
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    Anybody have fiberglass parts

    I need a glass deck lid … shiping is crazy exspensive now
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    TE-60 Turbo..........

    3770lb here with me in it when I ran the te60