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  • Hey 2quick2b6. What size tires do you run on your GN up front ? I am going to run 15x6 Draglites and what to run a tall tire . Like the way your GN set level . Would a 3.5 backspace work . Thank Paul
    Sorry for late response but yes mine are 3.5 bs and 3.5 wide wheels I'll look at the tires tomorrow and tell you size. It took awhile to find a tall radial to get the front level
    yes...i have kb air dam with scoop for air filter. what is your e-mail address?
    the turbo 6 club is a yahoo group. GM_TURBO6@yahoogroups.com is where u can find us.
    Aaron im in florence also. I cant chill this weekend i have a BD party to go to .. might be able to do something next weekend.
    Hey chad, My name is aaron. I live in florence also. I think sunday i will probably go for a cruise around town after i clean her up a little since its suppose to be nice out. If you wanna meet up some time u can give me a call. 843-319-0658
    Hey, my name is Chad and located in Florence S.C. Was just wordering what the turbo 6 club is. I am at the Auto Fair every year and seems like this maybe something fun. We have sevral spots that we sell on and have sold a couple of cars there to. Just purchased my first Gn in Oct. 2009 and would like to meet some locals with more experince with these cars than me. Anyway any info on the turbo 6 club would be appreciated. Thanks, Chad
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