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  • Hi Danny I have a Toyota Supra with a Comp 91mm Turbo and a Powerglide 3800 stall to get boost I need to spray nos but I wish to take out this and have seen your afterburner.
    Please can you explain to me better how you did it?

    Id like to talk to you when possible about tips for my car. I also go under the name "Black Air" on here too. Thanks Jeff
    Hey BUD i love the read on your anti lag set up! I have a 363 with a y2k 88 and a tight convertor. I trying to set it up for a pro tree with out have to sit on the brake to build boost. We have been kicking around ideas like you tried but havent done any experimenting yet. If you could i would love to talk to you about my combo. Im in NJ 201-538-5487 Pete or email me juice16@optonline.net again GREAT READ!
    Hello I'm new to this forum, and was wondering if you could Email me so we could chat on an issue on Thrust Bearing Failure.. Email me at sbcmustang91@aol.com thank yoiu
    Don remind me please, why do you have the big wall in your fuel map? And I thought you were running the Electromotive?
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