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    Cleaning the Gnx turbo shield

    Ok thanks guys. I will look into it.
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    Lots of parts that have to go!!

    I wish I could give you more detail on what I really need. It looks like there are 2 pieces on the door side. I need the bottom piece. I believe it's longer that then other one Thanks
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    Misc trim parts... And more

    Do you have the trim piece for a power seat on the door side in black? Just looking for just 1 piece. Mine is Broke so im not sure what it looks like. I think like the one picture on the washing machine. Thanks
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    Lots of parts that have to go!!

    Do you have the piece seat trim that goes on the door side of the driver seat that covers the seat track . It is for a power seat. In black. Thanks
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    Cleaning the Gnx turbo shield

    Can you post or send some pics. Please.. Thanks
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    Driver seat trim piece.

    im looking for the seat trim on the driver side nearest the door. For. Power seat if they are different. Black. Thanks
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    Which one do you have, or have had?

    I have GNX 418. In Brampton Ontario for about 5 years now. I have the jacket also and lots of other good stuff.
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    Wastegate eclip

    Want to keep it original.
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    Cotter pin on wastegate actuator

    What size E clip?
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    Wastegate eclip

    Does anyone know what size of clip that goes on the waste gate arm? And is it an Eclip or a Cclip?
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    Oil change on gnx

    I use castrol GTX 10W40 a PF 52 AC Delco filter( the long one) and a bottle of ZDDP zinc additive.
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    Looking for GNX

    Car look great, congrats on your purchase.
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    Old Town Car show?

    I've heard on the monthly meetings somewhere in north Orlando. Longwood or something at an Arby's rest. Any more info please forward it on. Thanks Bruce
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    Jan 2015 Mecum in Fl , GNX #081

    I'm going to be in the area and I am thinking about going over. I think it crosses the block on Sunday. Also about 5 cars after is a 1987 GN with 900HP. Anybody else thinking about going? Let me know Bruce
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    Trans fluid & maintenace

    Thank you 626GN.