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  • Understand you have CAS sheetmetal intake for sale. I'm interested. what exactly do you have? Photos to please. Price & location?
    Hot Air
    hi, i have more info and price on trans, look at my new post in parts for sale section, there is some one interested, but i said u had dibs on it first so let me know if u need more info, its a great trans, strong as hell with little use, if u want to call feel free rob 810 599 1828
    What style 2 1/16 size gauges do you have left looking for a set of 3 of the same style in 2 1/16 electric and looking for Tach, Oil Press, water temp and volt for my A pillar setup if you don't have a tach in 2 1/16 do you have one that matches the other gauge styles in 3 3/8 ? Thanks Ray
    Sure buddy just seen message from u givee me a call at 630 452 8905 we will set somthing up thnks buddy
    Hi Rick,
    My name is Mark and Prasad suggested that I contact you to work on my '87 GN. I used to play around with it (I'm the original owner) a long time ago, but it has sat in my garage for years now. I'd like to prep it to sell, but can't do it myself. The worst thing I did was to remove the AC, but I kept the components. I also have a Powermaster issue, hard brake pedal with the idiot light on. I'd like someone to take care of these and a few other problems, but these two are probably the hardest. Is this something you'd be interested in? Time is no problem, you can do it as your schedule permits. Thanks, Mark
    Dude, run whatever heads you want for any speed you want. S2 heads are great, period. Nice lookin' car, too!
    Good luck!
    hey nick whats been up heard your going with a new set up cant wait to help get her back running it ran ok const 1150s 22psi
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