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  • hello blownv6 i am trying to find a distributor for my 231 odd fire and i read in a post that you had some sitting on you're shelf the post is old so im praying you still have one thanks tim
    Howdy Mike, I'm looking to see what kind of long rods and very short stroke cranks you might have. Looking to go landspeed racing and I'm thinking of destroking an engine down to a 3.0L so looking for 2.66in stroke and less cranks. Best I know I have to use an offcenter block as well. Thanks!
    Hey Mike, I am searching for a MSD8551 and saw a posting that says you have one. If so please give me a all at 228-596-8931, Scott, thanks
    Hey Mike, Prasad here....just a reminder about the lifters, Rocker Arm and the crank gear for the gear drive......Thanks!
    Hey Mike, Bobby from RPE just e-mailed and gave the news about the DB belt drives. Please just forward one to Bobby direct for my engine build. As soon as you have a price, let me know and I'll get a bank draft off to you right away. Thanks so much. Also, did my bank draft for the DB camshaft retainer arrive yet ?

    George, in ALBERTA (oldtimer )
    hey man
    I know your just playing
    I just want to get the board worked up about this race
    its hard to stay inside beacuse of this damn weather we have had for so long now. and not talk any ****
    so keep it coming
    and i'll see you next month
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