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  • hey buddy im trying to see if i can get my car at mid-10's without opening the motor? i have 88,*** miles on it
    phone was down, lost it and it took a whule to get it repleace they keep telling me that i had no insurance on the phone when i been paying the insurance for the last 2yrs...but is bak on...
    hey whats up bro..almost done withthe built..one questions i got my hands on two turbos a ta49 n a ta61..so i trow in the ta61 it dont spool at all can it be that that turbo is too big for my stock conv...???i was told is a 6131 for the ta61 and for the ta49 58/57..i havent tryed the ta49 yet but im asumming it should be ok...just curious wheter im doing sumthing wrong or infact the ta61 is too big..
    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sorry brother. I was on vacation/ death in the family. I just got back to work today, I was off since last Wednesday. I had taken the whole week off for Bowling Green but you know how that went. I will give you a buzz in little bit. Sorry about the parts!!!

    Your Grand Pappy!
    Oh so two emails and no response, I had to order them myself! Thanks, I would call you and fuss but the email will explain why I didnt. Now Im warning you, my "Turbo Flower Garden" Isnt the turbo farm but its growing! Now, call me soon or I will disown you as the grand pappy of the Midwest Buicks....LMAO!!
    Hey Luis, what's up man, It was good to meet another Buick brother. You know where to find me if you need any help.
    hey whats up man. diz is luis just bought that FMIC from ur friend i was over ur FARM.. BAD ASS FUKEN PLACE>>DAMN.......
    Hey Prasad,
    I tried to mail you but to no avail.
    The old 4.1 is ready for you to pickup if you're still interested.
    Either way, give me a call at: 708-804-7316
    Mike Cambio
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