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    87 grand national project

    sorry the car has been sold
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    87 grand national project

    I have decided to sell my Buick project. I don't have the money and time to fix it .first the bad stuff . the car needs paint and body work and some interior. the hood and deck lid and bumpers are in primer already. there is rust pin holes behind drivers seat. I have a whole drivers side pan...
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    1986 T-Type well built rolling chasis

    where are you located
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    1987 GN Roller for sale

    I am interested , also in highpoint n.c not that far from you. give me a call on cell 336-460-4916 Jason.
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    1987 GN Roller for sale

    also interested in pics as well.
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    Parting out 87 GN, roller and performance parts

    has the roller sold, where are you located?
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    Need Honest opinions on buying 93 Mustang

    do a double check on the year on that car cause 93 had same color body molding. it could be an even older car than he is advertising.
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    1985 grand national $3500

    email me some more pics
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    Took some photos of my GN today

    hey craig, car is looking good. how you been? havent seen you in awhile, are you going to richards this may?
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    Broken seat

    just take the seat out and check the seat frame. chances are one of the legs on the frame are broke. mine did the same thing had mine welded and is good as new now.
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    torque strap

    yeah i will get h&r mounts too when i get motor done, for now i guess i will keep the strap.
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    torque strap

    i just repaired my cracked header, is it true that the torque strap can contribute to the header on the drivers side cracking?
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    Cleaning fuel system

    dont waste your time cleaning it get a new tank.