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  • I went to Wells performance to get a few gallons of race gas to do some tuning. They only sell 5 gallon cans of 110 for $60. Didn't want to spend that much so he sold me this concentrate that 32 oz will treat 10 gals of 93 and make it 104 and 5 gals of 93 will be 107. Can was $28 which is still quite a bit. I drained 4 gals out of the car to add the can and mixed it up. Dumped it back in the tank and dropped in the 100 chip Red made for me with the shift light and some more timing. That stuff works!!! We have had a few cool nights and tonight was perfect. I was up to 20 lbs of boost with 0 knock retard! I will try for 21-22 next time. Very happy. Going to try to make it to the track next Weds and see how it does with drag radials and 110 mixed with 93. How much boost is a TE 44 good for? Anyway, just had to tell you about it. Car is doing great. Hope all is well with you.

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