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    BNIB Holley Dominator EFI

    Yea customize/collect there $$ lol cool bud I am really consider going this route
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    BNIB Holley Dominator EFI

    Does this come with a universal harness?
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    What's the secret to removing the rear brake cylinder?

    I remember getting so frustrated with my passenger side and trying to pry it off with a screw driver for like 30 min . I had to walk away have a beer then came back to it and popped both sides off in less then 5 min lol .
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    Too much positive camber with BMR A-Arms

    Is it possible they are trying to fix a problem with the stock suspension like bump steer or something similar?
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    Alternator RPM

    Like Nick said I’m running a 140amp alt from autozone for a caprice. If i have had 1 issues with it the best part is all I have to do is take it and swap it to a new one . But I have yet to have a issue with it . Btw I’m running a smaller crank pulley so I installed a larger alt pulley to keep...
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    Pushrod questions

    Some good info from T&D
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    Pushrod questions

    No I always measure from the base circle . I’ve never done the 1/2 lift thing
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    Pushrod questions

    You would know your at 1/2 the cam lift with a dial indicator. So just get a push rod checking/measuring tool and put it in bolt your rockers down and take up the slack on the push rod . I always turn the push rid till I feel a little resistance then you are at zero lash . From there you can add...
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    Wtb roller rockers

    I’m looking for a set for M&A heads . I really would like some T&Ds but am open to other . Let me know what you got and hopefully we can work out a deal thanks.
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    WTB: Busch engine, carb to pan

    I have a on center motor shoot me a message if you want more info
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    Random lot of AN fittings

    Copy that if you didn’t like the offer maybe you should post a price you believe you should receive for them .
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    Random lot of AN fittings

    I’ll offer you $25 shipped
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    DIY Intake Porting

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    Roller rockers M&A

    Will a set of rockers for the TA SI or the TA SE heads work on M&As ? I just acquired a set and am not a big fan of the scorpions and the whole guide plate setup and since the TA where designed after the M&As the roller rockers should work correct? Let me know if you got any info on this please...
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    What’s next for my GN

    I love my sd2 chip . It would be the last chip you would ever have to buy .
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