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    Turbo blankets, what's everyones take?

    I have had acouple of them and I somehow got oil on them which made them smoke pretty badly. But before I got it soaked with oil it definitely helped keep the under hood temps down .
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    question on air bags...

    Save weight
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    question on air bags...

    Yea they are a very inexpensive way to improve your launch .
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    question on air bags...

    Yes it’s worth it if u font have a nice anti roll bar then the bags will help you launch strait plus if you put bigger 276/60/15s the bags help prevent the tire from rubbing and destroying your nice new tire and inner fender lip .
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    GN1 Performance Dual Fans These are the ones I’m running and they have been working great
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    GN1 Performance Dual Fans

    I’m running a set I got off Jegs that is 10 times better then the GN1 fans. I’m trying to remember the cfm they pull but I know it was a lot more then the gn1 fans and they where cheaper then those fans as well. I’ll look and see if I can get the part number and a picture.
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    exhaust valves

    I wasn’t expecting a choice lol it really would depend on what kinda shape they are in .
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    exhaust valves

    I’m looking for some exhaust valves for my TA SE heads . 1.600. 11/32 5.060 . Let me know if anyone has a set thank you .
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    Trying to figure out power logger

    I would go on turbo tweaks website and get the instructions for the chips You have . The 6.1 Wideband chip would allow you to set a target A/F . The 5.6 chip only has 4 things you can change . Wot fuel, low gear fueling, low gear timing and wot timing
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    Trying to figure out power logger

    The tune page won’t work with those 2 chips . You need a sd2 to get information from that page on the powerlogger program.
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    Sloppy Steering

    I don’t know the part number I pulled mine at a junk yard . I believe it came out of a 90s Jeep Grand Cherokee. If u do a search on here I’m sure you will find a part number.
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    14 bolt stock oil pan

    Hey bud I got your message I can’t ship out of the USA for $65 . I would imagine to ship it to you it would cost at least $60-70 in shipping alone
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    *BEWARE* TYLER CLARK / BOOSTED RPS / marleyskater420

    Just like Reggie I helped him out in the beginning and was promised all sorts of stuff . I wanted him to succeed but he wasn’t into taking anyone’s advice on how to run the company. Just for the record I have not received anything from him or that company No money or parts . It pisses me off...
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    Best coolant for engine??

    Has anyone tried that waterless coolant ? It look like it works real well with the boiling temperature way above the boiling point of water . And I believe it has lubricant on it for the water pump and it’s bearing .
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    Porting the wastegate hole

    Yes that is very true . That’s why I included those pics . I did a lot more smoothing with my turbine housing.
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