Hot air up pipe to turbo inlet

dank GN

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Hey guys I have a leak in my up pipe that feeds the turbo on my 1985 WH1 . If anyone has one laying around I would greatly appreciate the help . Let me know what you got thanks agian .
Hi Chris,
I have one....I'll post some pics here in the morning. The pipe itself looked to be in great shape. The stainless braiding is similarly discolored from use like yours. I believe the insulation material between the stainless braid and the pipe itself has deteriorated or crumbled.

So, I'll add a bunch of pics tomorrow for you to see and go from there.

I also have the factory downpipe from the same '85 140 block complete engine I had picked up for parts.

Hey bud yea just let me know what u are looking to get for her . I forgot you have been rollin the hotair for awhile . I mean who needs a intercooler when u have E85:)
Hi Chris, pics attached...moving to a PM for shipping info. -Anthony


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