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    GN Salvage Yards

    kirban 2 cents worth iin my area 50 radius there are 5 you pulit yards maybe 20,000 cars total between them. I know them quite well basically great form of exercise if I find even one G body car every 3 months I am lucky even then they are gutted to the popular as jeeps are in my...
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    Two powermasters for sale

    Problem we are seeing are bunrt motors which is costly to get redone. I'd be a player at $235 for the pair to my door ship by mail its cheapest method instead of letter of credit.... email me direct if that deal works for you unless you got other parts to add to the mix
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    Side body moulding installation

    kirban 2 cents worth directions shown is formus as we put them with the black stickon body side molding we found this molding years ago it is the closest to the original we have found....and trust me we seen alot.
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    Bumper Fillers ?

    ywes earlier video back then glass ones were quite crude to say the least you install spool fools corectly fit is good and won't rub bumper edges if glass is what you want spoolfool is the best bar none
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    Early Thanksgiving Used Parts Sale

    By now readers know the program. Email me personally at with the number/letter code that perks your interest. That is the best method. Please don't ask for photos as I don;t offer them unless noted. Everything listed already includes the shipping costs. PA residents...
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    Your three top irritating pet peeves about your Turbo Regal

    Good comments as for the seats I agree I always loved the seats in the limited models and also the early Lear Seiglar seats are far superior. May not be a fix but the flip down stay down license plate bracket is a nice upgrade to make less risk of gas spillage. It's obvious since GM was...
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    Your three top irritating pet peeves about your Turbo Regal

    I am sure some of you may have a list far bigger than just 3 pet peeves. My educated guess based on my experience on the cars I have bought and sold come down to this: The constant fear of the brake lite flickering on that signals an issue with the powermaster unit. Wondering how in the world...
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    George Barris RIP

    Probably not very well known among turbo readers because of the time frame he did his most work was during the 1950s and 1960s...highly skilled at customizing....I met him back around 1980 at the huge event they do in northern michigan...somewhere I have his autograph.
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    PARTING 6 CARS 2-87 GN's 1-87 Turbo T 1-87 Limited 1-83 Regal Lots of pics

    Kirban here..... I am seeking more brake pedals turbo or vacuum don't matter. how much each if I buy 5 or more? also the radiator plate that holds radiator at the top by 5 10mm screws for the 1986-87 Turbo cars. Got nay how much for 3 or 4 of them? thanz
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    Bob Bailey ignition module

    Kirban update We just received our order of 5 of Bobs TR 6 units....Bob only makes them a few times a year so its best to buy it when we have them in stock. I think we have 3 left at this point.
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    Looked at an 87 GN T Top car. Is this that bad??

    Plenty of good advice rust issues can be a headache. T-Tops I would onl ybuy them when they were mint and low mileage as the resale market on T-Top examples is not as strong as hardtops or factory astroroofs. One reason Ford stopped doing T-Tops on the Fox body. (Not sure what year). Rust...
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    Halloween Specials

    kirban update here is what has been sold: 11-A, 11-C, 11-E, 11-F, 11-J, 11-W, 11-X all else has not been spoken for. remember you need to email me personally if something perks your interest.
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    Regal/GN Parts and Illustrations Catalog

    You open to trades? email me personally if you consider this....
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    three dead alternators

    kirban two cents worth we offer brand new 120 and 200 amp alternators with warranty 100% correct looking. One key thing is the pulley on the correct ones is difficult to find today and may not be on many of the various rebuilts today. I had to have that pulley made as that is a key part to...
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    where is the best place to purchase a new ignition module and coil pack?

    kirban two cents worth again we just got in some of Bob Baileys TR6 units in stock immediate delivery. They are hard to come by as he only makes a few of them a year.