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As the title states:

Our annual Spring Open house for 2019 is May 4th Saturday rain or shine as it has no rain date. Unlike previous years I had to move it to May as our landlord is making improvements to the inside of the building. He is doing the work himself on the weekends.

This will be our 31st year! M&M contest, auctions, raffles and of course Yum Yum donuts. This event will be combined with Black Ice a detail shop that now shares half our warehouse.

Last summer according to satistics in our area only 2 weekends had zero rain. Hopefully the odds are better this year. Bring any parts new or used you no longer need as we are a buyer.

As the cars age and I age it is getting tougher to find events that cater to the Turbo Regal. Come join us. Local motels are all in the Quakertown area Holdiay Inn Express, Marriot, Hampton Inn. They are maybe 25 mins away. Quakertown is basically north west of our location.

Check the date May 4th Saturday 9 til 3 pm 6201 Kellers Church Road, Plumsteadville, PA 18949. Already Spoolfool has donated a drip lip and a rear filler panel. Save shipping on parts that we offer.

A fun time.....

watch our weekly inner circle for updates as other companies donate items for our raffle.
uhhh... just realized this earlier today - Kirban's event is later than usual for 2019, and [coincidentally:unsure::rolleyes:] falls on "Star Wars Day"
Thus dozens of "Lord Vader's Car" will be out-and-about :cool:
"May the Fourth" be with you :LOL:
We had a great time. Rainy on the way up for us but cleared once we got there.


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^^^ is that "Purple" T with the fancy graphics the car from the sign in Brigantine that was mentioned in a post elsewhere?