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  • Hi Eric, Please give me a call when you get a chance at 408-318-3484. I sent you an email as well. I need to get a chip and talk to you about a MAF sensor.

    Steve Yamamoto
    If I go with your 80lb injectors and chip for e85 can you recommend a pump that will work on stock lines?
    Eric Stage I
    In my experience, there is no intank pump that will fully support 80lb/hr injectors that will work properly with the stock return line in a turbo Buick.
    eric, what additional info will you need about my injectors to burn a chip? i know they are 42lbs (based on existing chip) and the part number on them when i twist them is 2497. what additional info do you need to burn the chip?

    also the info for the speed. you want the difference in speed between my garmin GPS speed and the speed on my scanmaster?? is that ok?
    Hi Eric, my name is Tad and I recently placed this order, number 12263.
    I wanted to add on additional detail: can you program the chip so that the check engine light does not come on because of a disconnected/removed wastegate solenoid? Thank you!
    Hey Eric, i placed an order for a chip and really need it by this Thursday or sooner.....any way to make that happen? Im willing to pay for faster shipping , you can charge my credit card extra if needed.

    Elliott Smith
    hey eric i just wanted to let you kno i just finished putting my car together sunday with the 60 lbs injectors and ur chip with alky and the car is running amazing, i just wanted to say thanks again!
    Hi Eric,

    I'm thinking of getting a new chip. right now I am running an extender and a trans plus.. I cant get the car to run right , it starts popping when I get into the boost.. I am running 42LB injectors. I just cant seem to get it running right. Caan you make a chip for 93 octane fuel?
    My 87 GN has 50#injectors, front mounted intercooler, 3" single exhaust (currently just running on the down pipe) and other small upgrades including an in line fuel pump and adjustable fuel pressure regulator. I need a chip that will work with Race Gas and one for Pump Gas...can you help?
    hey Eric this is delcreek, my name is david actually, anyway , i have a question for you. my car is idling pretty rough, it sometimes smokes, and when i blip the throttle the engine stumbles then it dies when i let off the gas. i checked my vacuum lines and nothing seems wrong. then i took the vacuum line off the brake booster (i have a tee between the pcv and vacuum block on top of throttle body) and the car ran the same except the scanmaster was reading knock. do you think a new chip from you could be the solution? i have a gn107 cam from poston, i read that a stock chip would not work with an aftermarket cam. also, is it possible for a chip to be used with stock injectors AND 60#?

    my combo is as follows:k/n airfilter, 3.5" ls maf w/translator, 4" intake pipe, 6031 te60 precision turbo, stock intercooler, stock injectors, adjustable fp reg, ported heads, gn 107 cam from poston, rebuilt motor, poston headers, stock down pipe, no exhaust yet, scanmaster
    Hey Eric, I was wondering if you might donate something for a raffle we are putting on for Pat's Auto Care 3rd annual Turbo Buick car show in Connecticut Oct 1st. I know times are tough so anything would be appreciated. Please let me know if you can send anything. Last year we had over 50 cars with 42 being turbo buicks. It is getting bigger every year. If you are able to send something please send some cards or brochure also. Thanks, AJ (GOT JCE)
    I have a GEN II and a Extender pro chip. I was not able to connect the LC1 to it per Doc and I have had nothing but problems with this set up and have yet to have my car drive to its fullest potential. I am not a super tuner guy, but have rebuilt my motor,alum heads,65# inj,methanol injection,turbo 400 tranny, ect. I am thinking of going back to one of your chips, a translator and be done with it. Car ran like hell with stock MAF,50# inj and one of your chips until it leaned out and I blew the motor. Just looking for some direction and anything would be appreciated
    Why would i experience a EGR Error code 32. I eliminated the egr, plugged the vacuum line, etc. Now am getting knok while cruising (accelaration, not WOT)?

    Ted Velotta
    Hello, I was sent to you for my question, hope you can help. I have a stock 87 GN. I have acquired a turbo tweak chip for stock and needing #42 inj. I understand I need a bigger fuel pump, hotwaire kit and Fuel Pressure Reg. So what size fuel pump do I need?, and what do I set the pressure at to get smooth running but good power.
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