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Sep 22, 2017 at 7:20 PM
May 25, 2001
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Jul 22, 1975 (Age: 42)
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wye mills MD

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Fat Nat

Active Member, 42, from wye mills MD

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Viewing thread, Sep 22, 2017 at 7:20 PM
    1. ncbuick
      How much are I asking for the body bushings
      1. rmar likes this.
    2. twstdv6
      I will take it for $200.00 Shipped, do you take paypal?
    3. Team Canada
      Team Canada
      Hi, do you still have that T horn pad? Thx.
    4. todd n toohey
      todd n toohey
      Hello Jeff....call me please as i still have not rec'd my parts from you...thank you....2692746623
    5. jim0207
      Interested in a-pillartrim, interior header trim for t top and black end caps that mount to the seat rails. I live just on the other side of the bay from you. jim0207@comcast.net
    6. jim0207
      Interested in a-pillartrim, interior header trim for t top and black end caps that mount to the seat rails. I live just on the other side of the bay from you.
    7. Will Rhoades
      Will Rhoades
      Gave you the wrong E-mail address for the wheel well molding. Its dsr2010@live.com
    8. chrisaxl87
      was curious about the gnx? is the owner goin to sell through you/ i was wondering if he is open to trades of any sorts? thanks chris
    9. Billy Thomas
      Billy Thomas
      My name is Billy.
      I am looking for a good condition GN Horn button and ring.
      Also, I need a good condition drivers upper door panel.
      Do you have these parts?
    10. trixdout
      Have you shipped the power pate? do you have the tracking number?
    11. Fat Nat
      Fat Nat
      been good man still doing the buick thing huh?
    12. zacks gn
      zacks gn
      Hi jeff I bought an 87 gn off u about 8yrs ago just figured I'd say hi. How u been
    13. digitfast
      Hey bro just got the part
      item delivered to wrong address
      neighbor just dropped it off
      thank god i can finish the paint job
      thank you for your patience
    14. digitfast
      pls contact me
      have not recieved parts
      need tracking number
      to resolve
    15. Hotairguy
      Those do fit 84-85?
    16. Hotairguy
      Whats up Fatnat, Still have the Engine oil dipstick and tube, Engine oil fill tube and cap?
    17. turbobooster
      hey fatnat let me know wen ur ready for me to make payment and ready to ship out thanx (center console 87 ttype )
    18. kenracer
      This one comes with everything? Headlights and all other lights. Mine was busted in a wreck, i think some parts are still flying around somewhere. Do you have some pictures of the header panel? ck shipping to 71118.
    19. KempoCanada
      Hi there,
      Robert in Ontario, Canada. I have a stock T-type that needs a turbo. I've decided to do a little bit to it over the winter, like a T44 and maybe a slightly better than stock Down Pipe. Yours looks ideal. Do you have any idea what you would need for shipping to Ontario, Canada? Postal Code L7N 2E8 Thanks! Robert
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    Jul 22, 1975 (Age: 42)
    Home Page:
    wye mills MD


    Anderson Performance
    For all of your forced induction needs
    call 410 643 1515 or 410 490 8405

    Turbos To big, Exhaust is to small Yada Yada Yada. RIP v6
    Now its a 400 sbc with geardriven procharger x275 BIOTCH