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    A few questions about Hooker Headers

    I ran these on a stock rebuild once, worst decision I ever made. Car was an absolute turd. Replaced them with the postons headers and viola, car felt like it gained 1000hp lol
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    Blacky's the man

    Great communicator and honest as can be! All speed bumps ironed out professionally and effectively. Lightning quick shipper , sub-zero temps will not slow him down. Would def buy from him again.
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    ISO Heater/coolant pipe

    Anybody got one of these doohickeys with or without nipples ?Need to mod one to cool my ching Chang spinny thang.
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    #109 long block

    :unsure:Thats alot of 0's. Do u even Buick bruh?
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    Brackets, Built 4.1 shortblock +++

    What happened ls1 swap? Just curious why the switch out on the 4.1?
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    Some Odds & Ends !!

    Pm sent
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    19” GNX wheels

    Those look incredible. What size is the rear tire? Curious how the traction is with a tire size like that
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    Turbo oil drain line

    Count me in for one
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    **NEW** GM Front Timing Cover 14 Bolt with **NEW** GM Water Pump (Modified)

    Thanks for the input Merry Christmas!
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    **NEW** GM Front Timing Cover 14 Bolt with **NEW** GM Water Pump (Modified)

    Will the 16 bolt pan seal up with a front cover from a 3.8 even though a couple of the holes in the bottom of the cover won't have bolts threaded into them?
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    Kenne bell ram air

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    **NEW** Stainless Chrome Powder Coated Coolant Lines

    Second in line,did this sell?
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