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  • No...not at Bowling Green unfortunately... maybe next year. Sorry about not letting you know about the car cruise...Im planning on putting one together in the spring... It would be great if you could make it down... it was a lot of fun =] Hope you're havin a good time in BG.
    Were you at one of the Power Tour stops, Bowling Green ? ? Have blue pin stripe ? If so, that was such a beautiful car, I loved it. The time put in and attention to details was apparent, Great lookin car
    Are you going to the MidWest meet on Aug 14th ? Im going. Will be traveling quite a bit between now and then.. only time I really have for shows is between July 7th and July 20th. But def let me know... I'll go to one with ya, the more GNs the better. I would LOVE to have 6 or more GNs roll into one show.... that would ROCK ! !
    Good morning. Ill need your address to find out the shipping rate. I do not have the box for the 1:24 scale GNX so I will be packaging it up extra carefully. Please let me know at zmods@verizon.net

    Thanks :) Steve Z
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