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    Proportioning valve

    Became fairly proficient in this , Gents. Not to be a know it all here, but it is actually a metering valve ,'cuz that's it's job. What NyteSnyper said in his last paragraph is right on. The valve has to be centered & kept in place with the tool. in order to recenter the valve., remove all lines...
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    What Happened To Our Website

    I could never had gotten where I am , with getting my engine & tranny back to working the way they should , with out this Forum. All your help, since I joined only a little over a year ago, is extremely respected by me . Thank You Shane , Mike E & the other admins , that do the job you do for us...
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    Search Down ?

    I don't know if they can get it back ???? :unsure:
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    Collecting license plates

    Hey Claude, Please P.M. Me. So far, I would buy the VI plates , OK ? Richie----------Lockman
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    Gm Posi Question

    Thanks DD........Sold American ! That's all I needed to Know ! Rock on......, my Friend.
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    Gm Posi Question

    Hey Fellah's, I'm asking your input on how your Factory Posi Rear end's hold up, especially the Drag Strip guy's ? I'd appreciate any answers from us DD er's too ! Thanks, Richie----------Lockman
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    Timing Chain Questions

    I'll just put my 2 cents in....... Cam Tool come's from Casper's . That's where I got mine. Good tool to have & fairly inexpensive.
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    Yeah..... Sorry, Charlie ( try to keep laugh'n at it all, Man :LOL: )
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    Great ......Now the Duck people will Freak out :LOL:
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    35$ or less sale

    Ok........20.00 then, Deal?
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    WTF , over ?? Where the hell did he run an " Ad " ? It was a thread on a forum, Am I wrong ?
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    ' 84 OEM Valve covers w/ Oil Breather Tube

    17K miles on them , when I switched 'em out . Offer + shipping to your Place. Weight of ~ 8 pounds ?
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    35$ or less sale

    I will offer you $15 + shipping for the " Incomplete stock air box " Thanks
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    just unwrapped this brand new Buick shirt

    This is what Info I was able to dig for : Buick Grand National Racing Association (BGNRA) Steve Hurst, President, PO Box 8687, Anaheim, CA 92812-0687 Phone & FAX: 714.772.6201...
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    Post pics of your enginebay fest

    Yes they did. A server crash is tough on the admin's . I for one appreciate what they still do for this Site.:cool: