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  • Hello,

    Tomorrow I’m going to view a stage 1 v6 Block.
    It’s castle is 0012, across NOS virgin.
    I’ve got a small problem. I’m looking for an off center to be able to run stock intake and stock style headers?
    My problem is I’m not sure how to visionally determind the difference between an off center verses off center, just by looking at them.
    Could give me any point!

    Thanks for any help,
    They never made a stage 1 oncenter block, it will have 2 bolt mains. On oncenter has the oil pump hole at the front, not in the middle for the pickup
    norbs are you doing any Fast XFI help these days?
    Have been busy with other things, but if your really stuck send a PM.
    NIce setup you have Greg, I added you to yahoo, I have it on my cell at work we can chat about the resistor.
    Hi Norbs, my name is Greg. I too have a stage 2 which I have been trying to get running for some time. I believe after reading your post that I too may need to install a "pull up resistor". I was hoping that you may guide me through this a little more in depth than what's in your post.
    I just took the XFI Training class with Brian yesterday in NJ. I've know about the dead time issues for a while. I saw your name in his files. I'll assume you sent him a .gct file to look at..............
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