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    How hard to replace dash bulbs?

    remove applique, remove cluster screws, slide out cluster, bulbs are twist-lock.
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    Losing boost under pull.

    I know the car in stock trim drops boost through the gears (trying to find the article on the boost levels 1-4)
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    Losing boost under pull.

    What Chip? Boost leak at charge tubes? Wastegate stock?
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    Help me with car reluctant to shift from 2 - 3

    Yeah, give that adjustment a whack without removing the cable. Your idle will be high on restart until the ecu remembers everything. Give it a minute for warm up then the idle should spin down.
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    Help me with car reluctant to shift from 2 - 3

    A Shift delay would indicate that the cable is too far back, but the delay would also be in first.
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    Help me with car reluctant to shift from 2 - 3

    I have never disconnected the TV cable. Just depress the "d" tab and pull cable to firewall. Get in car and stab the throttle until it clicks and clicks no more. Disconnect ECM power supply, reconnect.
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    Bumper Fillers - which ones and why?

    I'm getting ready to install a full set on a clients car this weekend. It may be difficult to do because mike keeps sending me pictures of himself lounging in Maui.
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    can't find accumulator ball

    Denis Kirban
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    Any Corvette Owners On-Board?

    holy crap....I work at a GM dealer and had no clue. That V6 is no slouch either.
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    Ct state police Grand National poster

    I didnt mean it was mine....i googled the hell out of that.
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    I can't stop laughing

    I heard some dude in a mustang blasting that version today.
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    When did I get so old????

    I saw Jimmy Buffett in Dallas a couple of months ago for the...27th time.
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    All Buick Show Sunday 8-18-19 , Wallingford Buick , CT .

    I saw your car at Putnam!! Couldn't find you. I'd like to get a show together at our dealership in Mystic. Spoolfool said he's interested in contributing.