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    1970 Oldsmobile cutlass sx (trade)

    Such a clean car it makes me wanna get working on mine, GLWS
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    Pretty Much bolt in Complete Fuel System-Need gone

    I am changing directions with my car and no longer need a fuel system this big. This set up was run for less than a season. To piece this system together would cost over $1200, I’m asking $775.00 OBO plus shipping. All fittings and lines are AN-10 from the fuel cell, pre-filter, fuel pump, post...
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    Looking for an 86/87 white roller t-type with t-tops

    I've been building my 87 GN and it went from a motor swap to a frame off restoration and now I am at the point of painting the car and I hate doing bodywork. So I've been thinking about looking for a roller with good/excellent paint and no rust to swap all of my parts over to. Really want T-tops...
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    FRP (fiberglass) Bumpers?

    Search for his name on this forum, he has terrible customer service and parts take many months without any contact from him. Also parts are either a perfect fit or fitment of an eBay knock off. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    COMPLETE 87 GN wrecked parting every nut and bolt!!

    How much for the shifter, or if your willing to split it up just the handle.
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    Why no external gate downpipes?

    Kinda on the same subject, how come nobody sells external Wastegates that vent to the atmosphere. I love hearing them crack open and scaring everybody around, just wish I could but one from a benefit and didn't have to rely on having one custom made.
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    FRP (fiberglass) Bumpers?

    I'm just throwing this out their..if Danko is involved, run as fast as you possibly can and dont look back
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    1999 Porsche 911 Carerra Coupe.

    Wow that interior is amazing. GLWS
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    rear bumper fillers

    Haha yeah I'm goin way back to 2010. First major party I bought for the car actually.
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    I know they were popular for a while but in the srt8 jeep world people are trying to get away from them. With technology moving as it is, it cost as much to either upgrade the fuel pump or get a second as opposed to just boosting it. I know the kenne bell's had alot of problems where they would...
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    Anybody own a Keurig Coffee Maker?

    We had one in my dorm room my sophomore year of college and actually used it more for cup of noodles then we did for coffee. It was always the perfect amount and temperature too.
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    What are you trying to accomplish? BAP are commonly used in other vehicles but not so much our cars. The GN version of a BAP is to "hotwire" your fuel pump and the kit can be bought at many of the supporting vendors.
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    rear bumper fillers

    If you can't find any used and spoolfool a message and pick up his one piece filler. It's a work of art and he's a great guy to deal with. By the way, that trans you sold me a while back has been great and have yet to have any problems with it haha
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    Guys that do bodywork for a living...

    Sorry for the confusion but I was asking the OP lol. Don't get me wrong, your car looks absolutely beautiful and can only hope mine turns out half as good as yours. I guess I just don't want to paint it and find out a few months later I didn't do something right and it all goes to hell
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