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  • I am working on your substitute PEVR setup. Thanks for creating a great alternative.

    Would like your expert input on the proper way to wire 1979 vintage ESC to my V6 Buick turbo, using an after-market ignition system harness, not a stock Buick harness. Knock sensor and distributor wiring is done.

    I'm left with two wires, one pink and one purple. Using the wiring diagram at BEFORE BLACK Website "Knock Knock" article, I connected the pink wire to the same fused positive circuit that feeds the battery terminal on the distributor from the ignition switch.

    The purple wire looks like it goes to a relay fed from the same positive circuit that feeds the s terminal on the starting motor. Does that sound right? Do these ESCs get two positive inputs? Is the relay setup standard - 30 input from the s terminal circuit, 86 to the ignition switch, 85 ground and 87 ESC?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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