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  • Hi Bryan, I’m good friends with Matt and just purchased the white 87 limited you sold him. I love the car. I understand it has TA-61. Did it also have Moser axles in it when you sold it? I saw all of the time slips, you had the car working really well!
    Thank you, Craig.
    WELL, i wished he would have sold it back to me. Call me 573-286-1699 bryan
    hey bryan, how are you doing? Still have the white limited, on the second trans and second motor. Only put about 2000 miles on the car. Brennan sold the tta about 2 years ago. I told him he was an idiot for letting it go. Did a bunch of upgrades to it and he let it go for $17000. What are you driving now?
    I just now saw this, this forum is tough to navigate now with all the buttons. I have a few older cars and some marauders and turbo regals still.
    Hi, I posted an item for sale a few weeks back and got a message saying it would be posted once a moderator has reviewed it. it was never posted and I never got a response back from a moderator. I've just re-posted the item and got the same message, and just wanted to make sure there is someone who actually goes through and reviews the posts. I think I've read all the rules I could find and hopefully haven't violated any in posting this item. Please let me know if I'm good to go.

    hi did u get my pm i sent about my parts listings that got moved? let me know please. also why cant i edit or erase my old posts? doesnt make sense... there would be less clutter if people could acess their own ads?

    can u also delete my old te44 for sale ad,. its sold.
    Hey Quick6'n'-K.C. could you delete my parts for sale post that reads
    Scanmaster & tps tec for sale. I need to start a new thread and list a bunch of parts on just one thread so I dont clutter up parts for sale 1st page with to many threads. I'd appreciate it if you could do this, Thanks....Dave(FLAT BOOSTED)
    I just posted a reply and I'd like to know WHY I cannot edit and make a correction??????
    As others have said, we make typo mistakes and it appears there's NO going back. This sucks!
    I noticed I cannot edit my posts anymore.
    I do make spelling errors & would like to be able to correct them even after I placed a post.
    Can you help out w/this?
    This is Mark Parks. I bought the hood pad for my 86 GN last summer. I hear you moved to Independence area? I live off 291 east of you by the Independence Center.
    I would like to ask a you a question about a turbo I bought . Can you call me at 795-8841? THANKS!!!!
    Hi (Brian, I think?) I was at a car show in KC and a guy said you may have some T-Type parts. I was looking for a wastegate actuator and 4 barrel carb for a 79-80 type setup? Can you help any? I live around Noland and 40 hwy in Independence.

    Ray Connor
    Hey Bud, This is Coach. Can you remove my thread in the parts for sale section. It is misspelled and I am going to take better pics and repost. It is called Aluminum training arms and seat belt brackets. Thanks Donnie
    my niece let me in on it, he does open his eyes in the end she told me. sucks to have it bootleg but i can't sit that long without paying for it later pain wise. He does open his eyes at the end right? makes sense to me for sequels.
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