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  • Could you share some of your pics (that are now disappeared of the Hawks 17 X 9 GTA style wheel). how do/did the fronts fit? I'm not concerned about the wheel spacers in the back, and I hate the look of the 18" ones that are out there--17" would be perfect.
    Hey Mark! Not much going on down here. Just busy with work a lot these days. I decided to give the car business a whirl and opened up a small lot. Now I just have to sell em. LOL!

    How are things up there?
    Engaged life is good so far. Still not married yet. But we are working on it. LOL!

    How's everything with you and the Mrs.?

    How's your car doing? I had talked to Bob a while back. He told me the mod bug had bitten you a little bit.
    We haven't set the exact date as of yet. Still in the early stages of planning. But I will keep you posted as I find out more. She is in the driver's seat for this part. LOL! :D
    Mark! Hey buddy!! Not much up with me. Just getting some rest time at home. Trying to work out a few bugs with the car also.

    A bit of news, I actually got engaged last week. Finally talked Hannah into sticking around for the long haul. LOL!

    So what's going on up your way?
    Yes, I did get in contact with him. He had the car in local shop and they really messed the car up. They charged him $1800 to rebuild the stock turbo and it had so much shaft play that the fins ate up the housing. They had the wastegate plumbed wrong so the wastegate was closed all of the time and they spun a bearing and siezed the motor from running it with high boost. I ended up putting a fresh motor in the car(built by Dicus Benton) and a new turbo. I went and picked up the car with my trailer and ended up having it for about 6 weeks and then he was able to come pick it up and drive it home. We live about 40 miles apart and he called me after he got home and said that the 40 miles he drove it that day was more than he had been able to drive it in the previous 3 years!
    Hey Mark!!

    Not much going on here. Supposed to get some "wintry mix" tonight. It's been in the low 30s for a high the last few days. Could get interesting, but I don't think things will get TOO bad.

    9" of snow... Now THAT is enough to cause some trouble. Y'all be safe up there in all of that. Stay warm and cozy and don't get outta the house for a while.

    How's everything been going on your end?

    Did you ever get your exhaust lined out on your car?
    Yeah, he was happy! That was at only 20-21#boost. He has a basic 67mm turbo. Once he can launch harder with the trans brake and a few more#boost he should have a 10second run.
    How goes it Mark? :) It's cold down here and we got some snow today, too. None of it actually was sticking anywhere. But still... Snow in Louisiana.... :eek:
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