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  • Going great. Finishing up a project in Cedar Rapids, IA in two weeks. Then going to spend about a month at home. Hopefully it will have cooled off by that time (maybe get some good turbo weather). I decided to keep my car. Just can't let it go. By the way, I saw the Mustang. Love it.
    Underage Driver Strikes Child, Totals ’87 Buick Grand National - StreetLegalTV.com

    Didn't know if you saw this. I noticed it was from over in your neck of the woods.

    What's up? You doing ok? We're fine.
    I'm going to get the Pypes Exhaust system. What mufflers do you have? Do you like them? Give me a call sometime. 816-795-8841 or email Mclassik@aol.com
    hey i looking at some of your interior pictures and was wondering about the shifter. can you give me some information on it?
    Hi, DJ, Bruce here, the guy with the Kenne Bell air dam like yours. Just a question if you don't mind: are your headlights tinted or do they have the removable film like you can put on the T-Top glass? I just recently read posts here about tinting the top glass, and maybe remember you saying something about those headlights. The way you have it, is it legal in your state?
    By the way, just so I won't hurt other people's feelings here on the board...your Grand National is the meanest, baddest, coolest, best looking menacing Grand National I've EVER seen anywhere. You've got that thing JUST RIGHT. Just downright menacing!! It's beautiful and I'm very jealous that I don't have the money to get those kind of wheels, wheelwell extenders and tires like you have. At least I have one, but yours....ummmm! I love everytime you post, just so I can see that slick GN. Great job!!!Jeeze, I love that car!!!!!!
    Bruce '87 Grand National
    Wow! Really like it. What Kind of wheels/tires do you have. Could you please send me some pics. Outstanding!
    HI, Your GN looks great, As I am in the process of putting my 87' GN back on the road. I did notice you hace one piece Full Width Air Dam. Can you please tell me where did you get yours? Thanks
    Thanks for the compliment Irv! :cool: Here's the info:

    Boze Forged "Mesh" wheels, 18X8 up front with a 4.5" backspace, 18X10 out back with a 4.75" backspace.

    Boze Alloys - MESH WHEEL is the direct link to the wheel.

    Let me know if ya need any other info!

    I had noticed your rims on your GN. they look great on the car. if possible can you get me the name on the manufacturer/make of the rims.
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