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  • hey man can you help me out here? i have a 87 grand national with smc kit running denatured alcohol. im wanting to know if i can use methanol in this system without issue?
    Did you ever contact the man from Kimberling City? I gave him your phone#,I believe last August about working on his 87 GN?
    Just curious if you was able to help him.
    Steve,will you PM your phone# as I talked to a man that needs his 87 GN worked on that lives in Kimberling City.
    hey steve i have a 98 camaro with a v6 stick tranny i was looking for a ls1 with a 6 speed tranny if this motor is still for sale please email me as soon as possible at jezzum450@yahoo.com it would be much appreciated thanks -james
    hey steve im interested in the motor u say everything is for 900$ ? thats a good deal wat did it come out of and how many miles did it have would it be possible to get the tranny that it came with?
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