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    3" Single exhaust - Sound? Experience?

    I got a 3in DP to single 3in with a magnaflow muffler. It sounds good but I can't post a video keeps getting error Try this link for WOT
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    Crazy weekend with the car now some questions....

    The reman pump is awesome! I kept my original one and match them up and all the numbers match and it quiet! Mine is a 85ttype with a 87 IC conversion on it! Only problem was the rod was to long in the reman one
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    Crazy weekend with the car now some questions....

    Sounds like what happen to me! While ur driving around normal what is ur boost gauge reading for vacuum? As the car heats up does it feel like u got to give it more gas? My car is hydro boost and I replace the power steering side of it with a reman unit from autozone. And while I was driving...
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    Same problem over and over!

    Out of every problem I have had on this car the one problem that keeps haunting me over and over again is?! The damn voltage light not comming ON! So I'm pretty sure it's the alternator now! (Autozone) . So I drove the car a week straight to work and by the end of the week the voltage light...
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    Wtb posi unit

    Sorry man shipping would kill me since I'm in Ohio! Thanks tho
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    Wtb posi unit

    Hi Jeff can u text? If so 216-256-8483
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    Wtb posi unit

    im looking for a used posi unit for a 8.5 28spline rear for my t-type thanks
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    Hydroboost problems

    on my 85 I had to replace the booster unit I think the back half behind the master cylinder?! Before this the brakes were really good. So I replaced the booster and replaced the one line to the gear box and got a new tee and replaced the rubber lines.. Start the car and the brakes feel fine...
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    Hydroboost help

    So I replaced the original powersteering side cause of every seal leaking and going through quarts of fluid! I order one from autozone(nice piece) all the numbers matched up to the original one! Now my problem is the pedal feels normal as it did before.but as I'm driving and hitting the...
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    Kirbans not responding to emails

    busy time of the year. ppl r trying to get the cars done before the winter comes! amd it all depends what u order. i get a email the next day on my orders and than it will usally say (your one item is on back order ship it out asap)! usally 1-2 weeks! and make sure you email is not sending it to...
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    Need help!!

    Okay I got a 1985 buick ttype and its converted over to 86/87 intercooled !! Brought it that way! Now i did 3in single exhaust, and now i just completed fuel system up to the rails. NOW My big question is I'm about to order my chip and 60lb fuel injectors from...
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    Please help knock

    u can check ur alternator by disconnecting ur battery (pos cable) while the car is running. if the car stalls instancely the alternator is not charging!
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    fuel parts list

    okay.. im ordering the fuel sending unit and hot wire kit from full thottle .. now do i need the G7 In-tank & Intermediate Harness Kit? to go with the new pump or just get it anyways just incase mine is all corroded? and since i heard racetronix has crappy customer service where can i order the...
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    fuel parts list

    u got a posi unit? i will buy that off you
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    fuel parts list

    im sorry to the guys that have used fuel system parts. i will not buy a used tank or sending unit or pump.. sorry again
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