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  • Just bought a set of Main Caps off Tom and they arrived promptly and better than expected. Are we still doing seller points on here? If so, +1 for me :)
    Monday thru sat. just call to make sure I'm home. (931-933-5884 home phone) the cell # is 302-8325 my son uses it more than I. Sundays I usually get home from church around 1430. My wife and I attend Cornerstone on Old hickory blvd in Madison. I'll be home today to finish a project from the honey-due list.
    Hey..I appreciate the offer to come look at your parts car..I might have to take you up on that..I got a guy suppose to send me pics but dont know what all I would be able to tell from a pic anyways..in person would be alot better..what day & time is best with you if I have to come & see ya? I work in springfield & live in goodlettsville..
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