About my car..
Custom Hard Coldair Intake w/ LT1 MAF w/AXiS interface/chip combo
86-87 ECU w/powerlogger
TurboTweak 60# injectors
AlkyControl w/3bar
87 Wastegate actuator
ScanmasterG, W/B, FP, Boost, W/T,
Racetronix Fuel pump Hot-Wire
Racetronix Fuel lines #8 feed, #6 return
ColdCase Rad/Shroud/Wires
FlowKooler W/P
Forged Pistons
Headers/no cats, 2.5”DP, Dual exh.
HR Parts Motor & Transmission mounts
Janis Stg2 Trans
Magnafine billet performance Transmission filter housing & magnetic filter
Hayden Rapid cool w/flex lines
Moser diff girdle
And more..
ARP, Racetronix, ColdCase, AEM, TurboTweak, AlkyControl, Flowkooler, BaileyEng, Kirbans, RJC, Magnefine, Janis Transmission, Spoolfool
My car(s)
1984 Buick Grand National T-Top


1984 Buick Regal Grand National
Stock crank, Crower cam 202-210@ .050 112LSA 1.6:1 RR, Comp hard stock PRods
Forged Pistons, Ported irons, Mahle stainless valves, Ported intake/Bell, RJC bulletproof gasks, ARP hardware throughout
ColdCase Rad/shroud/fans, Flowcooler W/P, Evans coolant, 160degree thermostat
3 inch Intake, LT1 MAF, T04E inducer (TA33), NGKUR5 .030
87 ECM, Sm-G, all guages, AXiS interface/chip, 93, Alky, 60lb Inj, Racetronix F/P Hotwire, Racetronix PTFE Fuel lines #8,#6
RJC boost controller, 87 Wastegate controller, Wideband, Taylor Thunderbolt wires
Headers, 2.5" DP, Dual, No Cats, All coated and wrapped, Biggie adapter w/big filter
HR Parts Motor mounts, Trans mount, poly cross member mounts, drive shaft loop, Spoolfool drip lip
Janis Stg2 Trans, Deep pan, 10" PTC 2800-3000, Amsoil Super shift fluid, Magnafine filter/housing, Hayden cooler, PTFE lines
Moser diff girdle, stock axles, ARP studs, Toyo TQ 255 60R16


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