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  • sorry, but i do not. It was featured in gmhightech Nov 2001 if you want to look it up. They might still have the article online.
    Hey man sorry it took so long to get back to you. Yes call Mike @ Century Transmissions
    Home | Century Transmission | Century Transmission Mike is/was one of the leading turbo buick enthusiast back in the early 90s. He is also a board sponsor. His work isnt cheap, but I have never had to take anything back to him.

    What are you looking to have done?
    He's in Bryan, his name is John, call him at (512) 297-9342 he is expecting your call... tell him you are texas terror from houston. Trust me, he's THE man when it comes to tuning these things. My car is amazing now, probably high 11's on good tires with a better driver. It's so smooth and powerfull out on the interstate, I can jump from 55 to 90 with the flick of my ankle for passing.. it's amazing. Alky and 25psi really wakes these things up!
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