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  • Rick,

    Got question on disk brakes. Thinking about Pro+ 6P 14" on front. I already have 12" Baer on back and adjustable proportion valve. I have M/C from TTA I think. Could be a NA Regal unit. Not sure. Will I have problem with different diameter rotors?

    Noticed you posted a picture of a gear driv set with the better ball bearing idler. Would you like to sell that unit?
    sorry for the late response, it has been sold. Thx!
    Could the rear disk brake with 9" Ford that you are selling for a friend be easily modified to work on rear of my 74 Camaro with 10 bolt rear? I would want e-brake installed.
    Do you have any more pics of your older project. It was a white T. Im thinking about selling mine because i want a black GN so bad but I have already started on my white T and im wondering what one would look like if it had a nice paintjob.
    Hey its canmove... thanks for the template I have plenty of room...
    for the kit you said would fit... i lost all that info... can u resend??? is this all just bolt on???
    how do i order??
    Richard Townsend
    313-999-1156 call or text me anytime...
    Hey White T
    I was told you might be able to help me get some good brakes for my 87 GN?
    I just put 20" Foose wheels and Im Looking to get some nice drilled and slotted rotors with red calipers.. Thx Canmove
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