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  • My Buick was sold today. If you are interested in the car or any of the parts I had for sale please private message threerailrob.

    Thank you for your interest,
    Hi Eric, Good to see you helping out a friend. Take a look at the Chicago trading post in the midwest forum. I have a few things he may be interested in. I'm not looking to make a ton but I know others can make better use of the parts than the boxes they're in LOL
    hey whats goin on? anything good? anything new with the car? did you get your dash? any good news with work?
    Hi Eric,
    you can send a money order for $428.00 to Joe Aulisi, 49 Sunset Inn Rd, Lafayette,NJ 07848. Give me a call when you send it so I don't put the cover on Ebay!
    hey finally signed up and u were right. i have been on it everyday. got to get all my pictures on, i got a lot of parts that people have on the wanted forum. my screen name is mo86gn.
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