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    Spoolfool's TB swap meet/ BBQ. Sat Oct 10th 2015

    dang it. Just found out i'll be out of town on that day.
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    LF Stock IC

    Anyone local to Garden Grove, CA have a stock intercooler they want to part with? Doesn't need a shroud.
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    Pizza cruise in September who's in????

    Im in. just need to get the car past smog....
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    Windows 10?

    EDIT:Upgraded my WinBook 802 tablet tonight to Windows 10 and PL seems to run fine. Plugged it in, it did a driver search and I guess found the ones I had on it from 8.1.
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    Here we go again, gas

    ~4.25 around the corner from me for 92. (Garden Grove, CA)
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    Broke my fuel line

    That is the feed line from the frame rail to the motor. The ones I linked go all the way from the fuel tank to where that line connects. You could also go braided, but the stock lines on these cars are not that bad.
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    Broke my fuel line

    You might want this: Replace the steel lines with new ones. Do it right, do it once.
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    Motor Rebuild

    This should help for the accessory bracket.
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    Rear end shops

    He is a ways away from you but I had Tim and Don Lee Auto rebuild the rear end and put the upgraded axles in the car I have now.
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    Heads up smog trap in Garden Grove, CA

    From my facebook: Garden Grove looks like they have set up one of those Random Roadside Smog Checks on Chapman east of Euclid!
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    Installing New FP - Can't Lower Pressure?

    Just for a FYI. I bypassed my homemade hotwire kit and using the stock wiring I was able to lower the fuel pressure to 38psi so I can get it smogged. I guess there is proof there how much hotwiring the pump helps.
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    AC compressor bolts

    This may help too, although #5 in the picture is a little different from what is in production.
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    AC compressor bolts

    The bolt that goes through the bracket is a m10-1.5 120mm I had to go to fastenal to find them.
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    My Buick is slow. Need to know why.

    Checking that is cheaper than buying a converter. The leaving a 8psi with no spin and a 2.0 60' to me means you are getting the turbo to spool but something is way wrong. When the car I have now had a similar set up to yours (TA-49 instead of the 44 and a "Redstripe" restalled d-5). On a...
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