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  • I live in Livonia and need some help.Let me know about whites racing when your through. What is your goal with your mods?
    Im actually just gettin started learning with my car i just recently bought the parts to even make tuning it possible..My buddy jason (racinjason on here) has had good luck with white racing in the eastside..im thinking on taking it to them when its ready...Where are you from? Im always willing to help a fellow gn buddy out there are only a few of us on the westside of town it seems..
    Not bad to install or learn...for the powerlogger you will need to mod you ECM...I bought a used one to modify.....to max out the performance you will need a scanmaster and a wideband by the time you get everything it will be $750....review the manuals at full throttle web sight..PowerLogger - Full Throttle Speed Tech Support best regards
    I us a PowerLogger along with a , Innovate LC-1 Wideband....you combine both with an updated 6.0 TT chip and it can self adjusts to your wideband readings. For more technical information you can go to the TT web sight. I had a good time I will definitely try to get there earlier next year....best regards rick
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