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  • X RAY,
    You should join and advertise in www.pro-touring.com. There are about 200 g-bodys over there. Since it is "Pro-Touring", I would think there would be some interest in your fender extender and other parts. Check it out at www.pro-touring.com/forum/general discussion/open (pro-touring) discussion/g-body roll call.
    X Ray
    X Ray
    Thanks for the info.....I will look into it...best regards rick
    Hi rick, i posted pics of the prototype rear gnx suspension and axle on my thread in parts for sale, thought you would like to see them, rob
    X Ray
    X Ray
    Call Me 734-306-2227
    Hi Rick, you might have heard I listed a prototype gnx rear on parts for sale, I heard you may have pics of yours some where here, I would like to see if we have the same thing and how many there are, etc. Any info and pics would be great as to what this is, and worth
    X Ray
    X Ray
    Give me a call on my cell 734-306-2227 thanks rick hunt
    I would need your email address to send you a picture.Here's me number, i would love to finally speake to you.(718)300-3977,Eddie
    Hi. Hope things are good with you. I would like to ask you ,do you know what the six digits that follow the vin # on the trunk sticker (rpo) stand for? I'm doing some research on my GNX and i don't have the window sticker. I know what all the codes on the sticker means just not those six digits after the vin.. Thanks for your help.
    X Ray
    X Ray
    Not 100% sure it may be the dealer number ...do you have an exampled to review...I do not have a completed GNX sticker to review . regards rick
    Hi,i was wondering if there is any way of finding out, if my GNX #262 was a test car for the X project.I was told that it was, by some one at GM.Do you know if this might be true.Thanks
    Hello X-Ray...By chance do you know where I can get an tacometer? Are they repairable...It seems as they made them to not repair
    How hard was it to install on your car and how easy is it learn? Kind of new to all of this tuning.
    turbo tom
    Hi Ray , I talked to you last night at the dream cruise. Can you please tell me exactly what kind of scan tool your using again. Got so much info yesterday cant remember what u said u had.I remember something with the o2 sensor and data logger I think. thanks
    turbo tom
    Just wanted to say hi and that I love reading your posts about the GNX. Thank you
    Hi,My vin # is1g4gj1175hp448648.My # is (646)573-0930,i would love to speak to you some day.Thank you very much for your help.Eddie
    Hi, is their any way to verify one if fact has a real gnx or a clone?I purchased one in december , and it was stolen from me that same day.I had original window sticker in the glove when stolen.I recovered the car,and are missing some parts.The dash # plate is missing along with window sticker,wheels,intercooler sticker,grill with GNX emblem, turbo shield,and trunk kit.Can you help me get some of these parts?I need to know if the vin can tell if this is a real GNX.Thanks in advanced.Eddie
    Hi Rick how are you I sold a customer of mine a GNX dash he is doing an Xray clone looking for emblem any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks Paul Castle
    Hi Rick,

    Wanted to let you know that I posted a big message on the Registry website and have started contacting some of the owners I've been in touch with (those who maybe don't hit the boards so much).

    Anyway, I still hope to be there in March.

    Take care and talk to you soon,
    I was told by a member here you knew where to get inner flare piece for GNX flares to fit and attach like OEM. My GN needs this for clearance, and the aftermarket flares all attach to the fender lip and trim holes, which wont benefit me a bit. Can you point me in the right direction on how to get some flares?!
    thanks in advance;
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